Seat of Reflection workshop

Seat of Reflection workshop

Recently, Kate Kemp-Turner from our My Life program attended a one-day workshop in Port Lincoln called “Seat of Reflection” art.

Organised through the Suicide Prevention Network Lincoln Alive group, and supported by Port Lincoln Youth Hub and Bek from West Coast Youth and Community Support, attendees learned how to create mosaics from cutting tiles to placing and attaching them on the design created by local artist Karen Carr.

The purpose of the workshop was to allow anyone who has been affected by suicide to know that there are services which can help them and to know that they are not alone or forgotten in the community.

The design reflects the incoming and outgoing waves showing the ripple effect of suicide in the community both from the impact of suicide to the support people receive through the community spirit of helping and supporting one another.

Further workshops are planned to continue with the mosaic and once completed it will be put into a path near the Boston hotel with seating to allow people to reflect and hopefully gain comfort. The seating will have a gap to allow for wheelchair access so that everyone in the community will be able to go there.

We can’t wait for the next workshop and congratulations to everyone involved.

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