Therapeutic support and help to connect with social mental health supports for people (16+) with severe mental illness

My Wellbeing is a therapeutic mental health service which can also support clients with connecting to other services to support their mental health where our team see the need.

In one-on-one appointments with a mental health clinician, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Identify triggers that increase your feelings of distress and uncertainty
  • Work with your clinician to develop personalised coping strategies
  • Address any other areas of concern relating to your mental health

Many aspects of life can impact on your mental health, in some cases your mental health clinician may:

  • Discuss with you other mental or physical health needs that could benefit from additional support
  • Identify or introduce you to other health and community services that can provide these supports

Our mental health clinicians will keep your doctor involved in your care every step of the way, supporting a team approach to improving your health and wellbeing.
My Wellbeing is often suited to clients with complex mental illness, those who need a high level of support or those who are in some way isolated from the community.

How to access:

If My Wellbeing sounds like the level of support that you need, speak to your doctor about completing a referral to Country and Outback Health.

My Wellbeing will also accept referrals directly from other external agencies involved in your care. Please ask the agency involved to complete the referral form below.

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Kadina, Port Augusta, Port Pirie

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This service has been made possible by funding and support from Country SA PHN (CSAPHN)