Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors

Mr John Gross (Chairperson)

John, together with his business partner own and operate a number of retail pharmacies located throughout the Copper Coast region on the Yorke Peninsula. Through his experience within the Pharmaceutical Industry, both nationally and internationally, John has established a deep understanding of primary and allied health care delivery. 

John brings with him a wealth of board experience having previously sat on the board of The Divisions of General Practice and the Medical Local. John is now semi-retired and a local government councillor with the District Council of the Copper Coast.  

Mr Richard Elkhoury

Richard is a pharmacist with over twenty years of experience in the profession and a keen interest in clinical pharmacy. Currently based in the mid north of South Australia Richard has business interests in a number of pharmacies located throughout regional SA. Richard has a strong interest in medication management reviews within aged care environments as well as home medication reviews for those living within the community. 

Richard also has extensive board experience having previously sat on the board of the Divisions of General practice and the Medicare Local. His passion for primary rural health services and vision for a collaborative approach to health care service delivery are a perfect fit for the future direction of Country & Outback Health. 

Mr Craig Farrow 

A Chartered Accountant with a background in economics, Craig also has qualifications in Accounting Management and Financial Services. Over the last fifteen years of his career Craig has established a focus on the medical and allied health sectors while building his portfolio of directorships across telecommunications, agribusiness and professional services. 

Chairperson of Doctors Health SA and General Practice SA, Craig has a deep affinity for the sector which has been built on his substantial experience in the disability sector (housing, employment and training).   

Ms Lee Martinez  

Lee lives and works in country SA providing life long experience and understanding of those residing in rural and remote areas, Lee is a Mental Health Academic with the Department of Rural Health at the University of South Australia and also hold the Aboriginal Health portfolio. Her team work with the community to improve the health and wellbeing of rural people and to increase the  health workforce in country areas.  

Lee is involved in a number of networks including the Upper Eyre Local Health Cluster and the Whyalla Suicide Prevention Network since its inception. Lee is passionate about ensuring people in rural and remote areas receive equitable access to quality services to meet their needs.