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My Plan Management

Country & Outback Health are a Registered NDIS Provider and can simplify the NDIS for you. Our specialists provide ongoing support, freedom of choice and expert advice to maximise the benefits of your NDIS plan and handle your invoice processing & account keeping, at no cost* to you. Why should you choose Country & Outback...


Country Wellness Connections

Practical support with connecting to services and exploring NDIS eligibility for people with complex mental health needs. Our Country Wellness Connections team have a deep understanding of severe mental illness and how tough it can make things . Our team can offer individual support and strategies to help you better manage your wellbeing, making daily...


Understanding Me

Therapeutic support for people (12+) experiencing symptoms of mental illness Our experienced Understanding Me Mental Health Clinicians are specialist in human behaviour, with a deep understanding of how people think, feel and act. People experiencing mental illness often have difficulty controlling their thoughts, emotions and behaviour, our Mental Health Clinicians will work with you to...


My Resilience

Guided therapeutic self help for people (16+) who need support to manage their mental health during stressful and challenging periods My Resilience recognises the strong link between our thoughts, feelings and behaviour, and how positive change in one area of your life can trigger positive change in other areas resulting in an overall improvement. My...


My Support Coordination

Support for participants in connecting to the right services and understanding the NDIS Our team aim to teach you how to navigate the NDIS independently and build your knowledge so that you can feel confident to manage your own plan in the future. Country & Outback Health offers two levels of ‘Support Coordination’ as detailed...



Mental health, physical health (including sexual health), alcohol and other drugs or work and study support for young people (12-25). headspace is a Federal Government initiative so you might have seen a few headspace Centres on your travels. Country & Outback Health manage three headspace Centres in Port Augusta, Whyalla and Port Lincoln. Centres services...