My Coordinated Care

My Coordinated Care

Coordinated mental health and medical health care for adults with complex and severe mental health disorders 

The My Coordinated Care offers substantial, ongoing support in coordinating mental health care and medical health treatment for adults with complex and severe mental health disorders. Including but not limited to Schizophrenia, Bipolar Affective Disorder, Major Depression, Severe Anxiety and Personality Disorders. 

Having a complex and severe mental health disorder means that your condition impacts greatly on your daily life either at work,at home or in a social setting. The My Coordinated Care team can work closely with you and your GP to put in place and maintain the best care network for you. 

My Coordinated Care can provide you with the support that you may need to:

  • Understand your mental and physical health, and how they work together 
  • Follow your care plan as outlined by your GP 
  • Develop coping strategies for living with a severe mental health condition 

The My Coordinated Care team will also:

  • With your consent, keep your family and friends involved and up to date with your care needs
  • Communicate regularly with your GP to provide mental health updates  
  • Coordinate the support of your other health care professionals (dentist, dietitian, pharmacist)
  • Establish connections with other community supports who can provide assistance with finances, housing, employment and legal aid 

My Coordinated Care works towards helping you to:

  • Achieve your personal goals 
  • Improve your mental and physical health
  • Feel supported in your daily life 

My Coordinated Care is a free program that is available to people aged 18 years and over who have a mental health treatment plan for a severe and complex diagnosis. Sessions with the My Coordinated Care team generally begin on a fortnightly basis and will be increased or decreased depending on your needs. 

To access the My Coordinated Care program please see your GP for a referral, they will also complete a Mental Health Treatment Plan.

Service Locations  Ceduna, Jamestown, Kadina, Nuriootpa, Peterborough, Port Lincoln, Port Pirie,  Whyalla and Yorketown