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Country & Outback Health deliver a wide range of services across the country north SA region. Availability of our programs is determined by funding which is a reflection of population need. Our complete program summary documents provide a detailed overview of each of our programs, regional program summaries provide a detailed overview of programs available in the region. 

Country & Outback Health Complete Program Summary

The Stepped Care Model

As defined by the Department of Health: “Stepped care is … an evidence-based, staged system comprising a hierarchy of interventions, from the least to the most intensive, matched to the individual’s needs. While there are multiple levels within a stepped care approach, they do not operate in silos or as one directional steps, but rather offer a spectrum of interventions. Stepped care is a different concept to from the ‘step up/step down’ service. 

In a stepped care approach, a person presenting to the mental health system is matched to the intervention level that most suits their current need. An individual does not generally have to start at the lowest, least intensive level of intervention in order to progress to the next ‘step’. Rather, they enter the system and have their service level aligned to their requirements.”

At Country & Outback Health we developed our program summary documents in line withe the Stepped Care model to support adoption of the model.