CObH strives for excellence and supports its staff to achieve quality outcomes. We are:

  • Accredited through the Medicare Local’s Accreditation Standards of February 2013
  • Registered with the Quality Improvement Council
  • Will be accredited through the Quality Improvement Program Standards by the end of 2016

Our quality improvement program:

  • Monitors services to ensure they are delivered to a high standard, are safe, efficient, effective and respectful of client’s rights.
  • Includes all service delivery, community partnerships, information management, human and corporate services and financial management.
  • ​Uses an auditing program, clinical governance and supervision, surveys and community feedback.
  • CObH will continue to maintain best practice in accordance with the relevant standards.


CObH has a Charter of Healthcare Rights that is aligned with the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights. Our Charter aims:

  • To help our clients, carers and staff to share a common understanding
  • To play an important role in achieving healthcare rights
  • ​Contribute to a safe and high quality health care service and system.

We consider a genuine partnership between clients, carers, and healthcare providers is important so that everyone achieves the best possible outcomes. You can download a copy of our booklet ‘Client Rights’ booklet here or get a copy from any of our offices.


We have a Customer Satisfaction card (called Comments and Complaints) which can be downloaded here or is available from any of our offices.